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Tennis Umag Camp is located in the beautiful city of Umag, at the tourist centre Punta. In the vicinity of Umag there are over 60 tennis courts (mostly clay courts, but also hard courts.) Close to the sea, with a pleasant climate and amidst outstanding nature, Umag Tennis Camp offers top conditions for work during most of the year. It is also possible to play in the evening under the lights, which makes it a perfect place for the players to achieve their goals.


Campo di Tennis Umago si trova nella bellissima città di Umago, nel centro turistico di Punta. Nei dintorni di Umago ci sono oltre 60 campi da tennis (per lo più di terra, ma anche dalle superfici dure). Situato vicino al mare in un clima gradevole e circondato da una natura incontaminata, il Campo di Tennis Umago offre le migliori condizioni per lavorare durante la maggior parte dell’anno. É possibile giocare anche la sera sui campi illuminati, che forniscono il luogo ideale per i giocatori per raggiungere i loro obiettivi.


Теннисный лагерь Умаг расположен в прекрасном городе Умаге, в его туристическом центре- Пунта. В окрестностях Умага находятся более 60 теннисных кортов (в своём большинстве грунтовых, но есть и корты с твёрдым покрытием). В непосредственной близости от моря, в окружении мягкого климата и удивительной природы Теннисный лагерь Умаг предлагает отличные условия для работы в течение большей части года, а также возможность играть в вечерние часы на освещенных кортах, что делает его совершенным местом для достижения игроками своих целей.

The main mission and the goal guiding us in the tennis school and tennis in general, is to transmit the love for this sport to others.

Whether it is an individual, group, children, adults, learning opportunities are unlimited and pleasure is immeasurable.

Tennis programs

All tennis programs are made on a 6 day basis, Monday – Saturday

The training team

Motivated professionals who speak several languages


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Strictly professional

Our approach is strictly professional. We take into account the current level of the individual’s game as well as his/her wishes and accordingly adjust the program and the learning phases.
  • Development and improvement of tennis kicks and basic movement
  • Progress in techniques and tactics
  • Strategy and tactics of the game
  • Video analysis of kicks
  • Conditioning training
  • Sparing matches

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