Regular massaging helps maintain the body, prevents the injury, and if it happens, it shortens the recovery time, maintains mobility, relaxes excessively tense muscles and provides additional flexibility, helps remove harmful substances and increases oxygen supply and nutrients.


We offer services of racket spinning with your or our wire on the PRO’ S PRO ELECTZRONIC TX 700 N machine:

  • digital racket spinning
  • highly precise
  • fast service

Sports Massage

Sports massage is a special massage technique that is used for the prevention and treatment of athlete injuries. It is an integral part of training and competition and plays an important role in every athlete’s life.

  • Massage before training / competition / effort
  • Massage after training / competition / effort
  • Restorative
  • Rehabilitation

Massage is performed by trained physiotherapists


Transfers are provided to the desired domestic and international destinations: airports and ferry ports, hotels, apartments and marinas.


A large selection of accommodation is available close to the tennis courts. You can choose accommodation in one of the hotels or apartments.